Davao City Chapter

On September 25, 1973, Christian Missionary, Rev. Don Ostrom along with the team of Atty. Bienvenido Cariaga, Atty. Leonides Tan and Mr. Rey De Leon organized the first FGBMFI Chapter in the Philippines. The Davao City Chapter is considered the “Trailblazer” of the FGBMFI Chapters in the Philippines.

The first elected president was Mr. Ben Gaitano Jr. who later became a pastor and eventually left the chapter to establish his own church. Atty. Leonides Tan then succeeded him.

In 1980, Atty. Bienvenido Cariaga became the chapter president. He served the chapter as president for 17 years in various years from 1980 to 2010. During the early years of his team, the chapter grew to over 140 active members. By then, the chapter had regularly held its weekly Saturday fellowships at the Apo View Hotel.

In 1985, Davao City chapter was host to the 4th FGBMFI National Convention. This was the first FGBMFI national convention ever organized in Davao City which paved the way to the hosting of more FGBMFI conventions, conferences and trainings thereafter. Within that year, the Davao City Chapter expanded and organized a new chapter, the South Davao Chapter which was composed of predominantly Catholic members.

In 1990, Butch Chan, then the president of the Davao City Chapter and Atty. Ben Cariaga, then the president of the South Davao Chapter agreed to merge the two chapters and retained the name, "FGBMFI Davao City Chapter".

In 2006, the South Davao Chapter was revived and a new chapter, the "Davao-Matina Chapter" was also organized.

In fulfilling its mission, the Davao City Chapter has influenced, encouraged developed home grown members who became pastors and servants of God. Most of them established their own churches later. They were, Engr. Leonardo Alaan, Engr. Francisco Madronero, Atty. Dic Togonon, Ptr. Bert Diao, Jose Gonzales, Camilo Cabatu, Jun Mendoza, Manny Tan, Danny Ibanez, Danny Torre and most recently, Capt. Hermie Verga who was ordained pastor on November 2014. We hope that more members of our chapter will continue to grow and accept the challenge of serving the Lord as pastors.

"The Happiest People on Earth" — John & Elizabeth Sherrill

Through the FGBMFI regular fellowship meetings, conferences and conventions, many professionals, businessmen, government officials, military men and men from various walks of life came to know and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We pray that the FGBMFI will continue to expand and grow its chapters and membership throughout the Philippines to fulfill its mission.

Our members have continually testified that through the FGBMFI fellowship meetings and activities, they experienced the goodness and kindness of the Lord and had grown spiritually. In their testimonies, many had experienced brokeness, struggles and difficulties in business and in relationships but by the grace of God, they became victorious, overcomers and had totally changed their ways for the glory of God. Many continue to commit their time, talents and treasures to the fellowship as an avenue of saving others who were spiritually lost.

Today, we express our gratitude to the other past presidents who served and continue to commit their time and resources to our Chapter: Ptr. Bert Diao, Antonio Chan, Rodrigo Guiang (RVP for Mindanao), Engr. Abundio Merced, Lemen Carino, Renato Lunes, Atty. Oswaldo Macdangdang, Capt. Hermie Verga, Engr. Eder Bacus, Engr. Cirilio Basalo Jr., Antonio Dela Cruz, Benjamin F. Aquino, and Engr. Ruben B. Sumagang.


Mission of FGBMFI

In 1951 Demos Shakarian, a dairy farmer of Armenian parentage living in California, was concerned about the lack of men in churches. He believed that God was calling him to begin something new - bringing men together to hear the testimonies of other businessmen. This was the beginning.

FGBMFI is one of the largest Christian business organization in the world, meeting in over 7,000 chapters in 142 countries. Our members and leaders include every race, culture, social status and language.

By God's grace, we connect people with opportunities to reach out and help others find a better life and work together to build better communities.

To reach men in all nations for Jesus Christ

a true grass roots effort that is changing the world.

To call men back to God

there is a better life by following Jesus Christ.

To help believers to be baptized in the Holy Spirit
and to grow spiritually

being a reflection of God to our world.

To train and equip men to fulfill the Great commission

promoting integrity and good character

To provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship

releasing gifts, talents and resources to help others.

To bring greater unity among all people in the body of Christ

working together to build better cities & nations